What we do

We buy quality businesses, just like yours...

Timber Ridge is a private equity firm focused on preserving your legacy and giving you a profitable exit. Unlike traditional private equity firms, we focus on acquiring just one company at a time. Our team of experienced operators, entrepreneurs and investors are committed to giving your business 100% of our dedication and effort. We focus on acquiring businesses that we can operate ourselves and grow to new heights. 

We are Interested in Acquiring a business in the following industries:

Light Manufacturing

Reocurring Service

Consumer Goods

Franchisor Opportunities

We are searching for just ONE acquisition

We are not a traditional Private Equity Fund. We purchase just one company at a time, hold it and grow it with 100% of our focus and effort.

We retain employees

We will not be cutting jobs or integrating your business into other portfolio companies. We want to continue to grow your employees and their skillsets.

Modern technology and processes

We have a background in web and app development and have a history of improving profits through the creation of software that plays key roles in operating the business.

We will grow your legacy

By focusings 100% on your businesses, we plan to grow revenue and increase profits, by optimizing processes, deploying new products and reaching new markets.

What We Are Looking For

Does your business look like this?

We are looking to acquire a privately-held, service-based business that has built a good reputation for excellent work and is trusted for delivering results. We understand that no one has worked harder than you to build your business, and when you are ready to move on you need to know that your business is going to be in the hands of someone who will care for you're reputation and employees like you have. 




Annual Revenue


Profit Margins

A private equity search fund focused on making one key acquisition. Backed by a team of all-star investors & operators.

The Ideal Acquisition

  • $750k + in Profits
  • $3-10M in Annual Revenue
  • 10% + Profit Margins